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If we lift off the top of the case, some thing you do with a twist of a hand, thanks to the thumbscrews, we see the hard drive cage to the left and the right CD-drive cage. If we remove the SHUTTLE SB65G2 (FB65 V2.x) we get a total overview of the mainboard which is the model IS Being able to access the whole Mainboard in this way makes installation of components so much simpler, when you can access the DIMM-slots, the socket. The hard drive cage holds two drives and so does the CD-cage. This is more than ok and even more than most other SFF-cases can offer in space.

Personally I would like to see a 5. Top with support bars hard drive and CD-Drive cages If we remove both cages, which are attached by four screws each, we get a good view of the mainboard. SHUTTLE SB65G2 (FB65 V2.x) is fairly easy to access. The installation of the CPU-cooler and memory modules goes without any problem.


The CPU-cooler is easily placed over the socket and fastened with four screws. This meant that we no longer could fasten the cooler without removing the entire mainboard and fasten the nut SHUTTLE SB65G2 (FB65 V2.x) again.

There should be a better way to keep the nuts in place on the back of the mainboard than just pressing them down into plastic counter sink. CPU-cooler small system fan is easily fastened with four plastic pins. The northbridge has passive cooling to keep noise levels down.

The little gray flat cable which is showing in SHUTTLE SB65G2 (FB65 V2.x) right picture is for the display and has a tendency to be in the way when installing a graphic card. Statements found on box covers are usually taken with a small pinch of salt. This, though, is one that's far more fact than fiction. If Shuttle had been able to accommodate some form of PAT-like implementation we could easily have been looking at the best Pentium 4 support currently available.

SHUTTLE BIOS-Chips - Sale and Programming

We'll have to make do with near-Canterwood performance, which is hardly slow. One, without prior knowledge, may also believe that the cramped interior is ripe for heat-related problems, problems that could lead to stability issues.

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SHUTTLE SB65G2 (FB65 V2.x) That assertion, however, holds no merit. Not only did the SB65G2 function flawlessly at its rated specifications, it also exhibited the same rock-like stability at FSB, and Shuttle fully allows the enthusiast to explore the FB65 board's limits with another robust, clean and intuitive BIOS. Add to the above a myriad of USB 2.

There's not too many full-size motherboards that can boast that array of features. We like the SB65G2, but no product is perfect.

512MB Shuttle Motherboard PC3200 DDR400 nonECC DIMM (p/n SHTLE-512MB-DDR400D)

That doesn't really dimish the SB65G2's qualities, though. (Pentium 4 with Northwood core are supported, Willamette and Prescott are not supported); Expansion slots: 1 x AGP (8X) 1 x 32 Bit PCI (v); SHUTTLE SB65G2 (FB65 V2.x). Full aluminum case in black; Dimension LWH: x x mm; Solid 8x USB2x ATA, 2x Serial ATA; For a detailed specification see: > FB


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