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To this end, it has refreshed its user interface, adding a simple Samsung NX200 Camera Lens control screen that it calls 'Smart Panel,' which offers clear and quick access to all the key shooting settings. Then there's the exterior styling, which the company describes as 'Retro Modern. It's a great improvement on the slightly unlovable NXwhich looked less like it had been styled and more like the NX10's internals had been dipped in molten plastic.


Instead the NX has a sleek black metal body with a soft-feel Samsung NX200 Camera Lens coating to the grip that give a real impression of quality. Underneath it all, the NX becomes the first in the series to step away from the It's also possible to apply all ten Smart Filter effects during movie capture, but only at VGA resolution or below. High-def movies can be captured at a maximum resolution of p 1, x 1, pixels, aka Full HDand there's also a p 1, x pixel mode available.

Samsung NX200 Review

All resolutions are recorded at 30 frames per second, though the p mode can also be recorded at a rate of 60fps. The NX includes a stereo microphone, and movies can be recorded with or without audio, but note that the fly-by-wire focus control means that even manual focus operation is likely to make some AF drive motor noise. In addition to regular movie capture, the NX provides for fast-motion and slow-motion recording. Available recording rates include 20x, 10x, and 5x at all resolutions, 0. It's possible to trim captured movies in-camera, and to extract single frames as still images. Images tagged using this module can Samsung NX200 Camera Lens viewed in Google Maps through the bundled intelli-Studio software package, and location names can be viewed on-screen in English or Korean.

It also includes both standard and high-definition video outputs. Unlike its predecessor, the Samsung NX does not include a wired remote control port, nor does it provide a dedicated DC input jack. The NX stores images as either bit. Power comes courtesy of a proprietary BP lithium ion rechargeable battery pack, rated at 1, mAh, and good for shots to CIPA testing standards, according to Samsung. A compatible BC charger is included in the product bundle. When I first saw the Was this harder-edged, all-black compact system camera really a direct descendent of the curving and sensual Samsung NX I reviewed for Imaging Resource in early ?

While the bigger and arguably more stylish NX seemed aimed at those who were new to the mirrorless CSC category, the serious-looking NX was clearly designed to attract experienced photo enthusiasts and prosumers. It took me a day of shooting to get used to the new design, but I've grown to really like the NX both for its Samsung NX200 Camera Lens looks and its excellent shooting skills. The photographic upgrades to the NX are substantial: The Vignette filter added an ominous look to this wooded scene.

Samsung NX Digital Photography Review

The Samsung NX also has a nicer kit lens than its precursor: While many people, including yours truly, liked the design of the NX, Samsung NX200 Camera Lens of the biggest complaints about it was that its smooth body and lack of a handgrip made the camera hard to hold. Problem solved with the NX, which has a substantial but not obtrusive curved grip on the right side of the camera.

There's no indentation for your fingers, but there is a faux leather texture on the grip that felt Samsung NX200 Camera Lens and relatively secure. While it's aimed at more experienced photographers, the overall size and weight of the NX -- without a lens attached -- makes it more petite. Though its long kit lens makes it less portable, the NX is a great street shooter. When I attached the comparatively large mm OIS II kit lens with its flanged lens hood, however, the NX became a much larger instrument altogether. I'm on the fence about its size. On the one hand, the NX looks and feels like a serious photography tool.

Samsung NX200 Camera Lens the other hand, it's still a bit dainty for my tastes and the pinkie finger of my shooting hand dangled off the short camera body. But, like I said, after a day of shooting with the NX, I got used to its handling.


What certainly helped was how responsive the NX was and how simple and logically its controls are laid out. As mentioned earlier, this a good set-up for cameras in this class since it makes turning on Samsung NX200 Camera Lens shooting with the NX a quick and seamless process. The NX's mm kit lens is an improvement over its predecessor's, letting me snag candid moments even at the wide angle such as this New Yorker admiring the George Washington Bridge hidden behind the magnifying glass. The mode dial on the top deck is a bit stiff, which is good to prevent the NX from accidentally changing settings, but it also slowed down my adjustments.

There's also one new setting on the dial which I wasn't familiar with: Not only is the display quite good, the graphical user interface GUI is both impressive and well done.

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More importantly, the menu animations are fast enough that they don't get in the way. Finding features and making adjustments can be a chore on some cameras, which can take away from the fun experience of photography. I hope that some competing camera companies take Samsung's lead and make their interfaces more user friendly.

The buttons on back of the Samsung NX are small to make room for the substantial screen, but they're reasonably well spaced and I figured out how to get to all its important functions soon after picking up the NX The well-designed Samsung NX200 Camera Lens clear menu system helped. While walking around shooting with the Samsung NX, I found it quite comfortable to use.

The NX, which can shoot 7fps at full resolution, is quick on the draw, helping you capture sports and candid moments. There was a time not long ago when compact system cameras and their creaky contrast-based autofocus systems could be frustratingly slow to use. That began changing about a year ago and the NX was one of the first CSCs I tried where I didn't feel bogged down by slow autofocus. Samsung NX Review. The Samsung NX is the company's fifth NX camera but only the third body design, and represents a significant step up for the series. It's built around a completely new MP APS-C CMOS sensor and wrapped in the series' first all-metal body.

Samsung NX The Samsung NX rangefinder-style MP mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera is the latest in the NX series featuring a sleek new metal body wrapped around the latest APS-C CMOS sensor from the Samsung NX200 Camera Lens manufacturer. It can shoot at 7 frames per second and capture p30 HD size‎: ‎APS-C ( x mm).

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