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The headline features of the G11 are the 1.

How do these seemingly Sony Vaio VPCP116KXG features stack up in real life? The G series was launched in Europe in early and a refresh G21 with dual core CPUs was announced while this review was being prepared. I had seen the Sony a few months ago and was impressed by the small size, weight and very readable display. I suspected that this could be a clearout related to the impending arrival of the new model and, after a short evaluation of the alternatives decided to place an order.


I knew from the Q35 that the pixels on Sony Vaio VPCP116KXG fact, my first attempt to buy a cheap G11 failed because the stock had disappeared before my order was processed but I found another site at a similar price and they ran out about half an hour after my order went through. Since then I have seen them even cheaper at Sony Vaio VPCP116KXG site!

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The G11 came in a commendably small box containing in cardboard packaging: The G11 computer The PSU, power cable, a battery and a modem cable with UK plug A stack of multi-language documents but no paper copy of a user guide The contents of the box view large image Hardware Specs: Alps touchpad 65mm x 39mm 6 cell battery Users have to use the recovery utility to make backup discs two single layer or one dual layer DVD. The G11 came with a relatively large pile of leaflets of which the only one in colour and English language only was a Sony Accessories catalog. The biggest document was about the warranty with pages covering 13 languages. Other documents included a simple diagram showing how to get the computer started; a language Regulations Guide; a 6-language Troubleshooting Guide; a 4-language Recovery Guide and some other bits of paper including a product identifier for Microsoft Works.

Design Sony Vaio VPCP116KXG Build The dominant feature of the G11 is its light weight which is the result of the use of carbon-fibre material. Without the battery in place the G11 feels as if it might blow away in the wind.

Sony have targeted this notebook at business professionals who value battery time over performance and prefer screen height to width since most of their work is with documents. Such people are also likely to have ageing eyes and value legibility of the larger pixels.

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However, the display surround and back seems to be a darker black than the chassis. The main chassis is very rigid.

The palm rests sound hollow but nothing feels fragile. The battery is slight loose even when locked into position, but this seems to be a standard Sony design feature.


The thin and unusually Sony Vaio VPCP116KXG display is a little disconcerting: Trying to open the display by one corner just results in the whole screen bending. However, it does not feel as if it might break. Pushing on the back of the display can cause ripples on the screen.

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The display bends view large image During travel the display is held closed by spring-loaded hinges. The hinges have no looseness and are adjusted to Sony Vaio VPCP116KXG the display firmly in position without needing to use two hands to adjust the display position. The hinge is an unusual design which has the pivots built into the back Sony Vaio VPCP116KXG of the sides of the chassis and results in the screen being quite low when open.


The bar which forms the hinge also stiffens up the bottom edge of the screen. The hinge view large image The bottom of the computer is smooth, with small protruding feet about 1. There is a single removable cover for the RAM slot. There are some small air vents on the bottom but they are supplemented by other air vents on Sony Vaio VPCP116KXG sides. The standard 6 cell battery fits inside the chassis between the keyboard and the hinge and occupies the full thickness of the computer. The battery is slotted in from below and Sony Vaio VPCP116KXG held in place by two latches, one of which is spring-loaded to facilitate removal. Underside of the G The only removable cover is for the RAM slot view large image The Keyboard The front edge of the palm rest is bevelled and is a comfortably low 21mm from the table surface.

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The keyboard on Sony Vaio VPCP116KXG Zepto W has an almost standard layout. The Fn key occupies the front left corner which suits me fine but will cause other people to run away. There are 83 keys which have clear white markings on a black plastic background. The Ctrl key is in the bottom left corner which will please many people not including myself. Download the latest Sony VAIO VPCPKX/G device drivers (Official and Certified).

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