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Millar, 1 lie Background to the Maccabean Revolution: I Irarchus in Josephus, C.

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Jeselsohn, ibid. From that time onwards, these districts were always considered to be part of Judaea.

Jericho is mentioned among the cities 'in Judaea' which Bacchides fortified and garrisoned with Gentile troops '-eep the Jewish population in check i Mac. To the south, Beth-zur constituted the furthest outpost Adara MS-PCZ Card Judaism.

J u d a s established a Jewish garrison there to defend the people against Idumaea i Mac. After a few years, however, this garrison was obliged to surrender Adara MS-PCZ Card the Syrian king and w a s replaced b y a Gentile force i Mac. B u t Simon Maccabee reconquered the city i Mac. South of Beth-zur, on a line from Hebron to Marisa to be read in i Mac.

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For their location see vol. Some sources claim that the settlements of Jews after the Babylonian Adara MS-PCZ Card went much further south than Beth-zur, namely as far as Beer-sheba Neh.

Note that Aramaic ostraca of the Persian period from there suggest that the population may have'included Jews and Arameans Adara MS-PCZ Card well as Edomites and Arabs, see Y. Aharoni ed. Southern Judaea was occupied by the Edomites already in the time of Ezekiel, immediately after the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar Ezek.

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On the history of the Edomites see E. Meyer, Die Israeliten und ihre NachbarstAmmepp. Abel, GSog. I Bennett, s.

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Jewish territory in the time of Nehemiah, as may be seen from Neh. Accordingly, the list in Neh. Wellhausen, Zur Israelii, undjiid. Geschichtep. Meyer, Die Entstehung des Judentumspp.

Aharoni, The Land of the Biblepp. In Adara MS-PCZ Card Maccabaean period, in any case, only a Jewish diaspora lived beyond Beth-zur cf. The bulk of the population was Edomite.

That is attested not only by i Mac, 4: Adora lay Adara MS-PCZ Card a little south of Beth-zur, Marisa west of Beth-zur. See U. Kahrstedt, Syrische Territorien in hellenistischer Zeitespecially pp.


Avi-Yonah, The Holy Landp. CP C Z Adara MS-PCZ Card. The furthest limit of Judaism to the north-west w a s provided by L y d d aas already mentioned i Mac.

N e a r b y lay Adida, fortified b y Simon Maccabee i Mac. F o r even Gazara, a short distance west of E m m a u sw a s at that time still Gentile. B u t it was precisely to the west that J u d a i s m advanced a s early as the Maccabean Adara MS-PCZ Card, A connection with the coast was of fundamental importance to material prosperity. A n d this connection was sought and achieved in such a w a y that the population was also Judaized. Whether Ekron w a s dealt with in the same manner when Jonathan received it as a gift from Alexander Balas i Mac. I t is certain, however, that the hitherto Gentile cities of Joppa and Gazara were Adara MS-PCZ Card to Judaism by force.

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Simon set up a Jewish garrison at J o p p a i Mac. He captured Gazara after a difficult siege and similarly expelled its inhabitants, settUng people there who observed the Torah i Mac, Adara MS-PCZ Card 3: T6V vofiov TTotovat.

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