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PII Core Voltage The next difference between the chips is the voltage they are running at, the Klamath is using 2. The die size and the voltage difference are both responsible for the difference in heat production. Klamath becomes a lot hotter than Deschutes, ECS P6BX-MS overclocking of Klamath a lot harder than overclocking Deschutes. As you all know, the Pentium II has got a L2 cache within its cartridge, running at half the processor clock. One of the important things about L2 cache ECS P6BX-MS is its cacheable area.


Intel's internal name for the AD is 'tp6e'. Klamath PII - used to come with four L2 cache chips rated at 6.

The PII is normally using two 5. This difference if of major importance, since the L2 cache is a sensitive part of the Pentium II. Running it way beyond spec will most ECS P6BX-MS cause L2 cache errors and thus system crashes, even if the CPU core is doing fine at this speed. Microcode and Intitialization Finally the last major difference is the microcode update and the CPU initialization that's done each ECS P6BX-MS you boot your system.

ORION - VerTecX21

Different chip revisions ECS P6BX-MS different microcode updates the code that is loaded into a special CPU-area to fix minor CPU bugs and, more importantly, different chip revisions have different initialization ECS P6BX-MS at each different CPU clock. This routine cannot be cheated by anyone except the motherboard maker, because nobody knows what information is read and how to react to it.

So ECS P6BX-MS about the basics. Why do I say that? Well, first of all, not each SL2W8 is equipped the same.

In ECS P6BX-MS past Intel used an S-spec to clearly define a CPU core and its equipment, ECS P6BX-MS it only seems to be a 'name' for a family of CPUs, which are not all quite the same. Those two facts are already quite encouraging for overclockers, because we know that Deschutes is willing to run up to at least MHz in most cases, as well known from the old Celeron chips.

You certainly remember, the Celeron ECS P6BX-MS L2 cache was nothing but a pure Deschutes chip, running up to or even MHz when overclocked. The touchiest thing in terms of overclocking a Pentium II is the L2 cache though. Here the SL2W8 varies unfortunately.


You can imagine, the SL2W8 chips with 4. The ones with ECS P6BX-MS 5 or 5. Before you get all worked up about this, please realize that even a SL2W8 with 4. This is what SL2W8 looks like as well. The flipchip packaging ensures even better heat conduction than the old packaging above.

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Another important difference is the aluminum plate that covers the board on the side you are ECS P6BX-MS at on the above picture and that's supposed to conduct the heat between the chips and the heat sink. Intel calls that plate T-plate, and there are three different types available. That's what the cartridges look from the outside, looking at the T-plates. The upper T-plate is simply plane and connects only to the CPU core on its other side.

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This T-plate is used for PII - The T-plate in the middle is for PII and It has two notches, which connect to the L2 cache modules on the other side. This is of course an issue if you want to run it at MHz or more, because your heat sink doesn't cool the L2 cache, as done in every PII - This site uses cookies to only capture URL parameters, count visitor number, share functions and etc. Please visit ECS P6BX-MS Privacy Policy for further information. ECS P6BX-MS - motherboard - micro ATX - Slot 1 - ECS P6BX-MS overview and full product specs on CNET.


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