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When installing a CPU heatsink and cooling fan make sure that you DO NOT scratch the mainboard or any of the surface-mount resistors with the clip of the cooling fan.


If the clip of the cooling fan scrapes across the mainboard, you may cause serious damage to the mainboard or its components. The pin-1 corner is marked with an arrow Follow these instructions to install the CPU: Pull the CPU ECS K7S5A Pro (V5.0) locking lever away from the socket to unhook it and raise the locking lever to the upright position. Push the latches on each side of the DIMM slot down.

Align the memory module with the slot. Installing a Hard Disk Drive Install the hard disk drive into the drive cage in your system case. Installing Add-on Cards Installing Add-on Cards The slots in this mainboard are designed to hold expansion cards and connect them to the system bus. Connecting Optional Devices Follow these instructions to install an add-on card: Remove a blanking plate from the system case corresponding to the slot you are going to use. Install the edge connector of the add-on card into the ECS K7S5A Pro (V5.0) slot.

Ensure that the edge con- nector is correctly seated in the slot. Front Panel ECS K7S5A Pro (V5.0) header This header allows the user to install auxiliary front-oriented microphone and line-out ports for easier access.

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Additionally, some computer cases have USB ports at the front of the case. ECS K7S5A Pro (V5.0) you see this message, press the Delete key and the Main menu page of the Setup Utility appears on your monitor.

Standard Cmos Features to change the values for the option. Use the cursor arrow keys to scroll through the items in the submenu. In this manual, default values are enclosed in parenthesis.

Take some care with this page. Making changes can affect the operation of your computer. Page 32 Disable this item unless you are using an old KB drive.

Password Check If you have entered a password for the system, use this item to determine if the password is required to enter the Setup Utility Setup or ECS K7S5A Pro (V5.0) both at start-up and to enter the Setup Utility Always. Power Management Setup Page item at the default value.

Power Management Setup Page This ECS K7S5A Pro (V5.0) sets some of the parameters for system power management opera- tion. If you press Y, and then Enter, the Setup Utility loads a set of fail-safe default values. These default values are not very demanding and they should allow your system to function with most kinds of hardware and memory chips.

Onboard Parallel Port Use this item to enable or disable the onboard LPT1 parallel port, and to as- sign a port address. The Auto setting will detect and available address. Parallel Port Mode Use this item to set the parallel port mode.

ECS K7S5A Pro - motherboard - ATX - Socket A - SiS735

The system will automatically detect the kind of CPU that you have installed and make the appropriate adjustments to the items on this page. Hardware Monitor Page Hardware Monitor Page This page sets ECS K7S5A Pro (V5.0) of the parameters for the hardware monitoring function of this mainboard. Change Password Change Password If you highlight this item and press Enter, a dialog box appears which lets you enter a Supervisor password. But the program does not respond I don't even know if the driver is installed correctly Multimedia Center, after installation, I get like pop-up windows saying Windows has just recovered from a Serious Error Check the Windows Device Manager to ensure that the correct video driver has been installed and is working properly before attempting to restart TV" So it means that my Display Driver isn't working?

Even though I check the Device Manager, the driver seems up to date I'm using x resolution.

Ecs Elitegroup K7s5a Pro (v5 0) Driver Download

Something as simple as scrolling up and down in IE7 or Mozilla Firefox, it lags pretty horribly. So I'm wondering if the driver was even properly installed. I tried downloading it on my other computer with the same board, but after installation, the computer doesn't does not boot, doesn't even POST. Thanks all Mar 17, If I remember correctly, this is how they determine you've actually ECS K7S5A Pro (V5.0) the hardware a requirement for downloading the software. K7S5A Pro (V) for further information. By continue browsing our website, you are hereby aware of and agree on ECS' use of cookies by clicking 'ok'. OK.


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