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Its successor, the iAudio 5, adds USB 2. The iAudio 5 comes in four capacities: If Cowon iAudio 5 one complaint we have right off the bat, it's that the player is on the pricey side; for example, the Creative MuVo Micro boasts the same features yet costs about 20 percent less on average.

Cowon iaudio 5

It's worth mentioning that Cowon is one of the first companies to release a 2GB flash player, but it's not ready for the prime time, thanks to its colossal price tag. The color of the device depends on the memory size you choose; the MB version is accented with red, the MB model with blue, and the 1GB and 2GB units with black. The black-and-white casing of our 1GB test unit Cowon iAudio 5 particularly striking, but the iAudio 5 feels well constructed, and at 3 by 1.

The buttons are small but feel sturdy enough to withstand constant use. Included in the packaging are a USB cable and a removable plug, Cowon iAudio 5 allow the device to work as a plug-in player.


Included earbuds lack bass response. Bottom Line This rare 2GB bird has a lot of features packed into it, but the controls can be a bit tedious.

Cowon iAudio 5 - Review - PCMag UK

Cowon iAudio 5 strongly recommend upgrading the earphones to take advantage of the player's sound quality. It will appeal to savvy users who value function over ease of use. The iAudio 5 is slightly bulky for a flash player, but it's very light 1. The LCD is monochrome, but you can choose the backlight color by adjusting red, green, and blue values, and you can choose a different hue for each mode and function. We found, however, that when the backlight goes off the screen is tough to read in dim light or direct sunlight.

It runs on a single AAA battery, which the company claims will deliver 20 hours of playback. The main controls consist of two pushable wheels on either side of the player.

Cowon iAUDIO 5 review - Engadget

A Mode button lets you switch between FM tuner, voice or line-in recording, and MP3 player functions. The Rec button doubles Cowon iAudio 5 an Esc key, and the hold switch locks Cowon iAudio 5 controls. The buttons and wheels behave differently depending on how long you hold them down, and you can swap the wheels' functions.

But using them in conjunction with each other takes some getting used to, and even after spending some time with the device, we often found ourselves accidentally using the wrong wheel. It syncs with Windows Media Player 10, but it does not support playlists, so we simply Cowon iAudio 5 the device in Windows Explorer. Subjective sound quality with the included earbuds is a mixed bag.

Highs are fairly crisp, and mids have a good amount of detail and presence, but bass response is quite weak on default settings. Overall volume is sufficient; we found comfortable listening levels at 33 to 37 on the step scale, Cowon iAudio 5 on the type of music and recording level.

We suspected the anemic bass might be due to the included earbuds, Cowon iAudio 5 we swapped them out for a different pair of stock earbuds from another player. Right away we noticed much stronger bass, but this time the rest of the music was muffled. Cowon iAudio 5 review: Cowon iAudio 5 The Bottom Line The iAudio 5's tricky controls are the only major negatives for this sweet-sounding. Included Accessories.

USB cable, USB coupler, audio cable, carrying case, neck strap. Software type.


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