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Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. PCB panel t 5 is loaded into a saw machine not shown that is pre-programmed with a singulation routine that includes predetermined cut locations. The saw blade is aligned to the first cut line e. The coordinates of the first position are stored in the memory of the saw Belkin eUSB SCSI Adapter.

The saw machine then automatically proceeds to cut up singulate the USB panel t 5for example, Belkin eUSB SCSI Adapter along cut lines - 1- 1- 2and - 2and then along the side cut lines and PCB cut lines see FIG. Note that, as shown in FIG. Referring to block located at the bottom of FIG.

The good extended USB memory cards are then packed into custom made boxes which are specified by customers. The final packed products will ship out to customers following correct procedures with necessary documents. CPU communications with a dual-personality transceiver by way of an internal bus Dual-personality transceiver operates in a manner similar to that described above with reference to host system FIG. First flash memory chip - 1 is mounted on a lower surface of a PCB - 2 Belkin eUSB SCSI Adapter connected by first wire bonds Belkin eUSB SCSI Adapter 1 to PCB - 2 in the manner described above.

Because the IC die height thickness D is much smaller than packaged flash memory devices, and because the thickness T 1 of EUSB memory card is set, for example, at 2. In an alternative embodiment not shownsecond flash memory die - 2 may be connected to contacts provided on first flash memory die - 1 by associated wire bonds. This stacked memory arrangement greatly increases memory capacity of the extended USB memory cards without increasing the footprint i.

EUSB device - 2 is then processed and assembled as described above to produce a corresponding completed extended USB memory card. Although the present invention is described Belkin eUSB SCSI Adapter with reference to a specific EUSB device, the two-sided single-shot molding process of the present invention may be utilized to produce other devices as well, some of which are described below with reference to FIGS. In addition, similar to the above-described embodiments, first housing portion A includes a several elongated ribs extending between associated pairs of metal contact pads In particular, FIG. USB device - 5 differs from previous embodiments in that upper housing portion - 5 A further includes a front cross-rib extending along the front edge portion P- 1 of PCBA - 5where front cross-rib connects front portions of elongated ribs - 5.

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Similarly, FIG. As in the previous embodiments, metal contact pads are exposed between ribs - 6and metal contact springs are disposed behind metal contact pads USB device - 7 differs from previous embodiments in that PCBA - 7 includes raised metal rails that are processed using stamped and downset gold plated metal with the outer dimensions OD slightly larger than the underlying standard metal contact pads Each Belkin eUSB SCSI Adapter metal rail is soldered on top of a corresponding metal contact pad during the SMT process. Assembly includes an integrally molded box-like body having a handle section and plug section Body defines an internal cavity that extends from a back side of handle section and into plug section Plug section includes a front end plate that defines elongated Belkin eUSB SCSI Adapter openings Note that, in EUSB embodiments, contact springs would also be exposed through corresponding openings formed in front end plate Although the present invention has been described with respect to certain specific embodiments, it will be clear to those skilled in the art that the inventive features of the present invention are applicable to other embodiments as well, all of which are intended to fall within the scope of the present invention.

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If you are going to plug the USB SCSI Adapter into a USB. as “eUSB SCSI Adapter”. Insert the Belkin USB to SCSI Adapter with Termpower CD into your CD-ROM drive. beside it, highlight "Belkin eUSB SCSI Adapter" then click Belkin eUSB SCSI Adapter.

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