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Ayas was succeeded by Zadooyah after whom Almonzar V. It was in the eighth Avision AH3400 of the reign of Amar, son of Almonzar, son of Maa-os-samaa, that Mohammed was bom, and therefore this king Avision AH3400 have ascended the throne in a.

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Our holy prophet received the first Bevelation in the sixth month of the reign of Avision AH3400, and therefore the latter must have commenced to reign in a. Before Amar ascended the throne, nineteen kings held sway, the Avision AH3400 of whose reigns may reasonably be presumed to amount to about years, which leads to the conclusion that Malik, the son of Fahm, the first king, ascended the throne at the commence- xJju.

Another kingdom was founded by the Arabul Arabahs, in tbe province of Gbassan the rulers of it being known by tbe name of Arab-nsh-Sham Avision AH3400 the Arabs of Syria. Strictly speaking, however, they were a sort of proconsuls appointed by the Roman emperors, but from their assuming tbe title of king, they are treated of under that head in the history of Arabia. As some facts which are connected with these personages greatly facilitate our investigation, we shall give a brief account of them, as well as of the kingdom entrusted to their government. This kingdom was founded four hundred years before the Islam, a date corresponding with the commencement of the forty-third century a.

He is one of the descendants of Uzd, who is also connected with the house of Kahlan.


The Arabs who dwelt in Gbassan before him were called Zajaimah This people resolutely opposed him for a long time, but he ultimately succeeded Avision AH3400 subduing and bringing them under his sway. After him, his son Amar ascended the throne, who was succeeded by his son Saalibah. After him his brother Avision AH3400 ascended the throne, he being succeeded also by his brother Amar. After him reigned Jofnah After him Nomaa lY. He was succeeded by his son Noman Y.

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The Avision AH3400 was next successively occuj ied by Amar the brother of Almonzar, and Hajar the brother of Amar. After this the throne was occupied in turn by Albarith the son of Hajar, Jobolah the son of Alharith, Alharith the son of Jobolah. A1 Eeham was succeeded successively by his three brothers, viz.


This king lived in the Ehaliphate of Omar, and at first embraced Mohamedanism, but afterwards fled to Rome and became a Christian. This Avision AH3400 ceased to reign about a. Another comparatively small and ephemeral kingdom of the Arabul Aribah was founded by the descendants of Kandah of the Eahlan dynasty. The first king of this Avision AH3400 was Hajar son of Amar, who usurped a portion of the dominions of Hyra and founded a new kingdom.

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He is the same person who embraced the religiAn of Eysra Eobad, and by the assistance of the latter conquered the kingdom of Hyra. His sons, however, for a short time Avision AH3400 mling as kings in several places: This Imra-ool-Eais was a celebrated Arabian poet, Avision AH3400, when M onzar-maa-os-Samaa was replaced upon the throne of his kingdom, concealed himself through fear. All these kings reigned between the forty-fifth and forty-sixth centuries a.

Avision AH3400 Another kingdom was established in Hedjaz. When the kingdoms of Yemen and Hyra became Avision AH3400 by internal disturbances, the descendants of Tarab or Jorham founded a new and independent one in Kedjaz. According to Abulfeda, the first monarch of this kingdom was Jorham whose brother Yarab ruled in Yemen.

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This, however, Avision AH3400 not so, because these belonged only to one and the same person, who reigned both over Yemen and Hedjaz. The same historian mentions the names of the following persons, and states that they occupied the throne in regular succession: We do not, in the least hesitate to assert that this kingdom was founded while the weak and tottering kingdoms of Yemen, Kyra, and Eandah were on the decline, and therefore we are certain that its kings must have flourished between the forty-fifth and forty-sixth centuries a.

It would also appear that Amarson of Lahee, reigned over this same kingdom A. Avision AH3400 says that this was the person who introduced the worship of idols among the Arabs, placing three images in the Kaaba, viz.

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Like the other Arabul Aribah who settled in lledjaz, and afterwards became kings thereof, Zobair son of Johab also assumed the royal title. Almost all the Arabul Aribah whom we have fully described above belong tp the BadJorham stock. Their descendants, however, Avision AH3400 the coarse of time, separated into various tribes, the most important of whom we now proceed to enumerate.

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