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And finally, there is a special pin-connector at the Adaptec 2410SA for a 4-wire cable to the AARSA controller. The main control features like enclosure management, S. Controller's BIOS contains a proprietary utility to monitor and configure operating parameters of the controller and connected drives. The latest technology Adaptec R.

Adaptec - Adaptec Serial ATA RAID SA

RAID-on-Chip is evidently not supported either. Especially as the SA Enclosure Kit is a completely tested product. Nevertheless, we still carried out some tests for the controller — four-drive RAID 10 versus a couple of controllers from other Adaptec 2410SA All the more interesting it will be to determine which model is the fastest in RAID 10 easy to calculate. BIOS and driver versions for the Adaptec controller — 7.


We used the following testbed configuration to test storage drives: Intel Pentium 4 Adaptec 2410SA. Maxtor 6EL0 Power supply: Each NTFS partition occupied half of the entire disk capacity that is the second partition started exactly from the second half of the disk. FAT32 partitions were MB, the first one starting at the outer edge of the media on the "fastest" tracksand the second — exactly from Adaptec 2410SA middle of the media volume. It should be mentioned that our attempts to test Adaptec and 3ware controllers connected to the PCI-X bus in this system failed — there were some glitches.


As a result, we used the jumper to set the motherboard to PCI64 mode. Results of the physical parameter tests Linear reading rate graphs for RAID 10 on various controllers are the first to go click icons to Adaptec 2410SA full-sized graphs. Let's proceed to interface transfer rates. But there Adaptec 2410SA surprises even here.

Only Sandra managed to evaluate the interface transfer rates of all controllers more or less adequately. The majority of other utilities for Adaptec and 3ware controllers acted strangely — the effect of cache in these controllers. As the SiI Adaptec 2410SA insufficient cache memory, we can only assume that this transfer rate is a total of reading rates from buffers of two "parallel" hard drives in the array.

Adaptec - Adaptec Serial ATA RAID SA

There are no surprises in the average access times. But then, the Adaptec controller obviously demonstrates the best results compared to the other contenders. However, this can be seen only in H2Bench. Adaptec 2410SA

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The average write access time for our model under review shown by IOmeter test is on the contrary worse than in other contenders. We can draw only one conclusion from this result — a powerful caching host controller with on-board memory allows to noticeably reduce the differences between RAID hard Adaptec 2410SA. Caching host controllers with on-board memory may provide noticeable performance Adaptec 2410SA for storage drives and RAIDs in those applications, which often write at random and pseudo-random addresses.

But on the other hand, they may lead to some performance losses compared to non-caching hosts in tasks with multiple random reading operations. Performance in applications Let's have a look how the hard drives fair in Adaptec 2410SA but still popular Disk WinMark 99 tests from the WinBench 99 package. We carry out these tests not only for the beginning but also for the middle part in Adaptec 2410SA of capacity of physical hard drives for two file systems. The diagrams display average results.

Cheap and Reliable RAID 5 Storage Compared

Interestingly, both controllers with on-board cache fall catastrophically behind the simplest SiI under office as well as professional loads! The SiI probably has a powerful Windows caching driver heavily optimized for Adaptec 2410SA 99which provides such high results in this test.

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In a newer PCMakr04 track test the gap between the controllers is not that large, though Adaptec SA is outperformed by its competitors, while the SiI demonstrates a large gain from using a higher-frequency PCI Adaptec 2410SA. The Adaptec Serial ATA RAID SA is a 4-port I/O processor-based native SATA RAID controller ideal for high-end workstations and entry-level servers. The Adaptec Serial ATA RAID SA is a 4-port native Adaptec 2410SA ATA I/O processor-based RAID controller that supports Adaptec's advanced feature set, including.

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