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There will be a cluster of blue crystals minerals and two geysers of green gas vespene geyser beside the base, and players have their worker units gather these Textorm Compact Slim Silver Keyboard. The early stages of a game are very much a guns or butter proposition. The player must decide how much they spend building more workers which will further speed up their income how much they spend on infrastructure which will give them access to new units how much they spend on combat units which will defend the base and — if all goes according to plan — crush their enemies Textorm Compact Slim Silver Keyboard how much they spend on upgrades.

The most basic fighting units have no gas cost, while more sophisticated and powerful units cost progressively more gas. Basically, each race has a thing they must build in order to build more units. A Terran has to Textorm Compact Slim Silver Keyboard a supply depot for every X units on the field. So building a single supply depot lets you build 8 workers, marines, or other low-tier unit.

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Bigger units might require more supply, so a single supply depot can only support 4 tanks. Battles between two maxed-out armies are usually pretty spectacular. Casters often gauge relative army strength by looking at the supply numbers. It might be difficult to say for sure who has the advantage until the shooting starts. Macro Play In this matchplayer Scarlett is Textorm Compact Slim Silver Keyboard the map with bases and zerg creep.


This refers to the process of expanding their base and establishing new ones. Once the fighting is started, it takes incredible discipline to hop away from the battle for split seconds to Textorm Compact Slim Silver Keyboard more workers, begin new buildings, get new upgrades, etc. The more total bases a player can keep running at once, the more income they will have and the more units they can build.

Another measure of good macro is keeping your available minerals low — a good player will spend income as fast as it comes in until their army reaches maximum size. Mineral clusters and gas geysers eventually run dry.

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Workers have to take turns chipping away at a given mineral cluster, and at some point there are so many units on the job that adding more will not speed up the yield. A player with good macro will have many fully saturated bases and production facilities working at maximum capacity.

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A newbie might have one or two bases, lots of idle workers, and a bunch of unspent money. To get a sense of where the macro game is at, check out the minimap in the lower left. You can see Textorm Compact Slim Silver Keyboard much of the map is controlled by the two sides, which should give you a rough picture of who has the most bases. Micro Play Micro play is all about the control of individual units.

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This is where the master of hotkeys, blindingly fast response Textorm Compact Slim Silver Keyboard, and precision mouse movements come in. Examples of micro play: The Terran can have the marines take a few steps away, take a single shot at one of the pursuing zealots, then step away, repeat. This keeps the Zealots at a distance, kiting them across the battlefield.

The Zerg have this unit called the Infestor. The infestor must then escape the enemy is really, really going to want to kill it and recharge its energy so it can do another fungal later on.


Good use of these units means blasting enemy units and then blinking away to a safe distance before Textorm Compact Slim Silver Keyboard can respond. This kind of play is really fiddly. When you see a complex army of different units moving around, realize the the player is working furiously to keep the units in the right position:Macally Slim USB Wired Small Compact Mini Computer Keyboard for Apple Mac, iMac, MacBook Pro/Air, Mac Mini, Windows PC Desktops, Laptop (SLIMKEYC)  Missing: Textorm. iKKEGOL USB Slim Mini Wired 78 Key Small Super Thin Compact Keyboard for. GMYLE Compact Wired USB Mini Keyboard for PC - Metallic Silver/g: Textorm.

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