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Review date: Last modified Dec If you want to upgrade some or all of your Local Area Network LAN to gigabit Ethernet - Ethernet with ten times the bandwidth of the regular BaseT standard - then it hasn't been too hard for some time.

All you need is several thousand dollars, and in no time, you're- What's that? You don't have several thousand dollars? Well, that's a bit of a problem, then. You see, gigabit Ethernet equipment is generally a bit pricey. That slot accepts the expensive gigabit port module of your choice. The gigabit module might have a couple of RJ45 gigabit ports on it, or a couple of gigabit optical fibre ports. And then there's the network adapters. They're practically giving the things away in cereal boxes. And, again, you can pay twice or even four times that for a Accton EN1408T Giga-bit Ethernet Adapter NIC. Ay caramba.

Accton Cheetah Gigabit Ethernet Adaptermodel Ent World

But take heart. You can get cheap basic gigabit gear now. Accton EN1408T Giga-bit Ethernet Adapter Australia, even. It's a two-piece kit, whose major component is The Combo also includes Consumer gigabit Ethernet is young enough that the chipset used by your NIC is something to which you should pay attention, if you're not a Windows user. Not all gigabit chipsets have drivers for all operating systems yet. I got a pre-release driver disk with my review card that may or may not reflect what's coming with the retail units, but it doesn't matter; Accton's download page lets you get the latest standard driver set for the ENT, which includes drivers for Windows 95, 98, NT andLinux, NetWare and SCO OpenServer 5.

Inside the USG, there's a marked lack of fans. Just heat sinks on the warm chips.

Gigabit Network Combo

If you assuming that the thing's not under-specified and will thus drop dead when summer comes around, this is a good thing. Little dinky fans inside switches have a tendency to die rather quickly, seeing as they're usually turned on all day, every day.

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When the fan dies, so does Accton EN1408T Giga-bit Ethernet Adapter switch. This is bad. Switches like the USG with passive ventilation will generally last much better. This one's got ventilation holes at either end of its case, so for best cooling you should mount it vertically, off the ground, so that convection can pull air through it. Put a strip of double sided tape along the bottom of the box, stick the switch to the side of a desk, and it's done. No unwieldy plugpack here.


The USG circuit board has several blank spots for extra hardware. I presume that means there's going to be another version, with remote administration features. This is not that version; it's a plug-and-go, stand-alone, un-twiddleable box. Which is all you need for a small LAN. What's it good for?

What, you might wonder, Accton EN1408T Giga-bit Ethernet Adapter the point of having one single gigabit connection to one single computer on your LAN? Well, if only one of the other computers on the LAN wants to talk to the gigabit-equipped machine at a time, there's no point to it at all. Gigabit, 10 and megabit Ethernet gear all work fine together, but only at the best speed that the slowest device in any given conversation can manage.


Connect a gigabit thing to a BaseT thing and they communicate Accton EN1408T Giga-bit Ethernet Adapter BaseT speed. And if you connect them all up to a hub - which is just a multi-port repeater, which squirts out everything it gets on one port to all of its other ports - they'll all run at the fastest speed for which they all share support.


If the hub only supports 10BaseT, then that's all you'll get from the whole setup. Switches are different. They create connections between their ports only when things attached to those ports actually want to talk to each other. Only when something fast happens to actually need to communicate with something slow does it have to drop its speed - and if something Accton EN1408T Giga-bit Ethernet Adapter wants to communicate with the fast thing at the same time, it doesn't have to drop its speed.

The switch serves as a translation service between all of the things connected to its ports, and traffic that a port doesn't need to hear, won't be sent to it. Download Nationals Accton ENT Giga-bit Ethernet Adapter network card drivers or install DriverPack Solution software for driver update. This One Accton Cheetah Gigabit Accton EN1408T Giga-bit Ethernet Adapter Adapter Model Ent. Gigabit Ethernet Driver on Asus P8z68 V Pro Intel R Gigabit Ethernet Driver 16 5 0.

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