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As mentioned, the recording quality Ati E-Home Wonder great. The DVD and Good settings are very close in quality, and seeing as our testing resulted in reasonably similar file sizes on average, you might as well pick the slightly higher-res DVD setting for most recordings.

The Longer setting looked great as well and saves quite a bit on disk space. The Video CD setting looks OK, but it really should only be used for recording crap that you have no concerns over the quality of, or if you're super low on disk space. The actual recording and playback software is fairly straightforward, though there are a couple minor menu items that you'll have to search Ati E-Home Wonder to find; for example, you can right-click anywhere on the application to set up a timed recording, but you have to right-click on the actual record button to see a list of what you've already scheduled to record.

It's not a huge deal, but the first use or two may take a bit of searching through menus to find all the options. Setting up a recording is as easy as designating how often you want it to record once, daily, weekly, etc. Of course, you can manually hit the record button to capture video on the fly. Right-clicking on a program will let you flag it to record, set it as a favorite and search for more showings. You can also search and get listings for things like movies, sports, actors and more.

ATI All-In-Wonder VE Specs TechPowerUp GPU Database

So for example, if you're a big Ati E-Home Wonder of Edward James Olmos, you can see a listing of every show he'll be in for the next couple weeks or so. Radio works in pretty much the same fashion as TV does. You can even schedule recordings so if you're a fan of a certain talk show or some such, you can Ati E-Home Wonder that to record daily. The PVR functionality is rather straight-forward as well. You can record, pause and rewind TV, though only on one channel at a time.

ATI drivers free download software for all devices

If you pick up an additional TV Wonder card Ati E-Home Wonder can watch two channels at once, but out of the box you're only getting a single tuner. The interface for the PVR controls also leaves a bit to be desired; it's functional, but not as nice as something like TiVo. Rewinding is also very slow.

You'll get a Ati E-Home Wonder update every few seconds, so if you're trying to go back right to a certain play or a certain line, you'll likely have to go back a bit and then watch up to it again. Changing channels takes a couple seconds to do both TV and radio so it's a bit slow going.


Other than that things work well, but the impatient need not apply. There's a slight delay as the video is converted, about a second, maybe less, so gaming through this device certainly isn't ideal.

MCE TV Tuner Roundup: Featuring ATI's Theater 550 & NVIDIA's NVTV

For watching TV or what-have-you it's fine, but for gaming, even a split-second is a problem. The other half lies in its 3D prowess. If you've looked around at Ati E-Home Wonder for other X Pro cards you'll likely know what to expect here. It's definitely a capable card, and it's one of a few options out there in its price range, it's the only one with all of the added multimedia features.

We'll just cut right to the chase and skip ahead to the numbers. The All-in-Wonder product line introduced inwas the first combination of integrated graphics chip with TV tuner card and the first chip that enabled to display computer graphics on a TV set. ATI entered the mobile computing sector by introducing 3D-graphics acceleration to laptops in The Mobility product line had to meet requirements different from those of desktop PCs, such as minimized power usage, reduced heat output, TMDS output capabilities for laptop Ati E-Home Wonder, and maximized integration.

The Radeon line of graphics products was unveiled in The initial Radeon graphics processing unit offered an all-new design with DirectX 7. Technology developed for a specific Radeon generation could be built in varying levels of features and performance in order to provide products suited for the entire market range, from high-end to budget to mobile versions. They also created a modified version of the chip codenamed Hollywood for the successor of the GameCubethe Wii. Ati E-Home Wonder


Later Ati E-Home WonderATI acquired Terayon's cable modem silicon intellectual propertystrengthening their lead in the consumer digital television market. Ho remained as Chairman of the Board until he retired in November As the series evolved, GUI acceleration improved dramatically and early video acceleration appeared.


The various chips were very popular with OEMs of the time. This driver supports the use of the ATI Ehome Ati E-Home Wonder TV tuner card with the Microsoft Media Center operating system. ATI E-HOME WONDER with FM Radio Tuner overview and full product specs on CNET.

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